92799: Isabella Macleod

Isabella (1801-1867) was the daughter of Kenneth Macleod and Ann Mackenzie. Although we cannot be completely certain the family were living in Old South Tolsta Tack at the time of her birth it seems likely: as Isabella’s father’s name is listed as working on the Tolsta Road in 1791.

In 1820 Isabella’s father’s name is listed on the subtenants list of Old South Tolsta Tack.

Isabella married Murdo Mackenzie, of Lionel, but it is not certain where the couple lived during the early years of their marriage. It is possible they were staying with parents in either Old South Tolsta Tack or in Lionel.

In 1830, during the croft lottings, Isabella’s father obtained 28 Old South Tolsta and sometime later this passed to Murdo. Therefore it is not certain where any of the couple’s seven children were born.

In 1851, during the croft relottings, the family obtained 39 North Tolsta.

Murdo was widowed in 1867.

In due course 39 North Tolsta passed to their son-in-law: Murdo Murray.

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