111803: George Bethune

George was a son of Donald Bethune and his first wife, Margaret Maclean, Leith. After the war, he did one to two years training at Cliff College, Calver, Derbyshire and was a pastor in a small church near Stockport, Manchester for one year. In 1951, he returned to Edinburgh to care for his dying father.

George married Agnes Macdonald,1 Islivig. In 1953, they emigrated to Canada where George continued training for the ministry in the Prairie Bible College, Three Hills, Alberta. In 1956, they moved to New York City to a church there. In 1958, they returned to Scotland with their son and daughter and lived in Musselburgh, caring for George’s elderly mother. Their youngest son was born in the Lewis Hospital, when Agnes lived at 1 Islivig, her family home. George remained in the Edinburgh area doing Pulpit Supply in various churches. In 1959, the family settled in Musselburgh, where George was in charge of the Fishermen’s Mission for four years.

In 1971, the family returned to Canada where George worked on the staff of the Prairie Bible College. Later they moved to Calgary, Alberta and remained there for the remainder of their lives.


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