112899: Marion Martin

Marion, born 1804, the daughter of John Martin, married Alexander Munro of Ruisgarry. Marion is believed to have come from either Baile mhic Phàil or Kyles Berneray. Together she and Alexander were to have eight children, living in Ruisgarry initially.

During the 1840s, with re-organisation of Ruisgarry’s small crofts into larger ones, the family moved instead to Borve. The ruins of their house, Tobhta Alasdair ‘ic Anndaidh, are still evident. However, in 1854 the crofts were taken for Borve Farm, and the family moved to Arnish, Lewis, later living at 20 Branahuie.

Note: the two croft histories show a ninth child, Ann, born in 1856. More recently, a descendant has suggested instead that Ann might be a grand-daughter.

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