119803: Isabel Macleod

Isabel Macleod (1896-1976) was a daughter of Rev. Donald Smith Macleod and Kate Isles Rodger Wylie, Tarbat Manse, Portnahomack. After leaving school she joined the Board of Agriculture as a Seed Analyst. 

At Crossowen House, Clynder, in 1929, she married Harold Graham Grieve, Johore, Malaya. The couple travelled to Malaya and settled on the Rubber Plantation in Johore. They came home each year until the start of the Second World War when Isabel came home to live at Clynder and Harold Graham remained and joined the Johore Volunteer Engineers.

In 1947 the couple returned to the Plantation and on May 10, 1956  they returned to the UK on the SS Patroclus and lived for a time at the Grieve family home at 43 Coillesdene Avenue, Edinburgh. Isabel and Harold retired to Inverness.

Isabel was widowed in 1974.


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10 Nov 1896
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Seed Analyst
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