12007: John Nicolson Macleod

Iain Dhòmhnaill

John Nicolson Macleod (1880-1954) was a son of Donald Macleod and Mary  Nicolson, Hungladder, Kilmuir in Skye. He was married to Annie  Macleod, 11 Breaclete and had one son, Calum Iain.

John died at Breacleit, Ferry Road, Beuly, Inverness-shire.


The following is an extract from the Bernera School Log

School Board Meeting 11th June 1902:

…. The managers reported that after advertising the vacancy for a Headmaster they had appointed Mr John N Macleod of the V.F.C. Training College, Aberdeen as Headmaster at a salary at the rate of 100 sterling per annum payable quarterly less superannuation charge and a house rent-free – the engagement to be terminable by either party on giving two months written notice to the other. Mr Macleod expects to be able to commence work early in July.

It was whilst teaching in Bernera that Iain first heard of the bardachd of John Smith, Earshader. He was so impressed by the standard of his poetry that he decided to collect as much of John's work as he could with a view to publishing it some day. The longer he spent in Lewis the more he became aware of the wealth of good bardachd throughout the rest of the island also. In the following years he compiled over a hundred pieces of work which were collectively published in 1916 as "Bardachd Leodhais".

Such was the demand for this book that it was re-printed in 1955.

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Alasdair Mor
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28 Sep 1880
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21 Nov 1954
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