12005: Bardachd leodhais

MacLeod, Iain N (ed.). Bàrdachd leòdhais. Glasgow: MacLaren 1916 [reprinted 1955].
MacLeod, Iain N (ed.). Bàrdachd leòdhais. New edition. Stornway, Lewis: Acair 1998. ISBN 9780861521098.

Bàrdachd leòdhais is a book of Gaelic songs and hymns compiled by Iain N Macleod, a former headmaster of Bernera school. Iain was so impressed by the bardachd of John Smith from Earshader that he decided to gather as much of his work as he could. The more time he spent in Lewis the more he became aware of the wealth of bardachd throughout the island. After leaving  Lewis he continued with his collection and in 1916, thirteen years after he first started, Bàrdachd leòdhais was finally published.

Copies are held by Western Isles Libraries.


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