19490: Donald Maciver

Donald (1761-1841) was a son of Angus Maciver and Annie Macdonald. According to his son Kenneth’s deposition at the hearing of the Lewis/Harris boundary dispute, Donald lived in Kinlochroag with his wife Margaret Smith and family. That he moved from there to Scaliscro, and c1804 relocated to Lundale where he lived until 1823. He is on record there in the 1819 Chapman list as head of household (three males and three females over twelve; uneducated). After Lundale was cleared they relocated to Strome.

They were later evicted from Strome and sent to Lochs where they were allocated a house, but as this would have meant the eviction of an old couple they refused to stay there and were then given an old house in Tolsta Chaolais (living there in June 1841at the time of the census). The family didn’t remain there for long and they finally settled at 7 Breaclete.

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Domhnall Ban
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CEBL 1295
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