65944: Angus Maciver

Angus born c1733 was living in Lundale and was married to Annie nee Macdonald ‘Anna Dhomhnaill Thormoid’ with issue.

He was a witness for the defender in the first hearing of the Boundary Dispute of 1805.

Witness 19. Sept 23 1805;
Angus Oig McIver. tenant at Lundale, aged 72 years, a married man, depones, That he was born in the parish of Uig, and has lived there all his life; and that the line of march betwixt Lewis and Harris commences at the foot of the water of Resort. proceeds up Avonchlairbeg [Abhainn a Chlair Bhig] to Lochchrystle [Loch Chleister], from thence by Braidhanfhiaclachan [Braidh an Fheith Clachan], and so on to Tomrush [Tomruisg], and terminates at the mouth of the water Avonveckadale. Depones, That it is thirty years since he first began to sheal at Arighchlairveg [Airigh a Chlair Bhig]: That he has sheiled there twenty-five summers. Depones, That his sheiling was on the Harris side of the line of march he has described; and depones, That the Harris forester took off the divot three times at least during that period. Depones, That his cattle were not disturbed by the Harris people when pasturing there, a mutual understanding subsisting betwixt both parties, in consequence of which the Harris cattle were not disturbed, although they passed sometimes over the line of march to the Lewis side. Depones, That for the space of seven years he had the share of the fishing of the water of Resort, which extended from the sea to the Claichan. Depones, That his cattle and horses sometimes straggled over the march to Glenlangadale, but were not sent there. Depones, That he has known the line deponed to, to be the line of march observed by the people of Lewis for these sixty years.

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Aonghas Og bu Shine
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CEU 651
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