26028: Malcolm Finlayson

Calum Dhòmhnaill

The second tenant at the Buale Glas was Malcolm Finlayson, who was a shepherd at Mulhagerry on the Park Sheep Farm before coming to Calbost. He was the first tenant of 14 Calbost. Malcolm was one of the original seven crofters at Calbost and was there with Robert Weir the Tacksman. Local tradition maintain that these Finlaysons came from the mainland – probably from the area of Lochcarron. The Calbost and the Marvig Finlaysons are of the same stock.

Malcolm (1792-1880) was a son of Donald and Christina Finlayson, Pairc.  

He had a son, Donald, with Helen, Mackenzie, 14 Old Eishken.  

Malcolm married Catherine Macarthur of Gravir. They settled at 14 Calbost and they had four children.  

He was widowed in 1835 and in Lochs, in 1838  married Catherine Macarthur, widow of Angus Chisholm,  29 Gravir. Catherine had three daughters from her first marriage and two daughters with Malcolm.

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Calum ic Dhomhnuill Ruaidh
Date Of Birth:
Date of Death:
19 Apr 1880
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEP 2569
Farmer of 3.5 acres, Fisherman
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