105206: Parish of Lochs, Lewis

The Parish of Lochs in the historical county of Ross & Cromarty was situated in the eastern part of the Isle of Lewis, extending to Loch Seaforth in the south and nearly to Stornoway in the north. Neighbouring parishes are Harris, Uig and Stornoway. 

The account for the parish in the Statistical Account of Scotland states that the population in 1796 was 1,768 persons, of which 845 were male and 923 female. There were 38 kelp-makers, 16 weavers of coarse cloth, two boat carpenters, three tailors and two blacksmiths. Everyone in the parish belonged to the Established Church. The number of black cattle (not including calves) was 2,388, with 4,000 sheep and 348 horses. There were 70 fishing boats belonging to the parish.

Rev. Alexander Simpson, who compiled the account, goes on to state “a new manse, two churches and a parochial schoolhouse were built last year and offices for the manse are to be built this year; there was a Society schoolhouse built three years ago”.

Historical records for the parish are collected by three present-day comainn eachdraidh (historical societies): North Lochs, Kinloch and Pairc.

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