3381: John Macleod

John (born c1816-1877) was a son of John Macleod and Mary Smith. He came from Vuia Mhor and went to live at 2 Geshader. He was married to Ann Maclennan, Reef and they had six children. Famously, John would swim across Loch Roag (from Vuia to Reef) when he was courting her with his clothes on his head –  not an easy undertaking, but obviously worth the effort as they married in January 1847.

In addition to the children below, it seems they may have lost their daughter Catherine, born 1863, in infancy.

He was evicted from the croft at Geshader for poaching on Abhainn Chairisiadar with two of his sons, and arranged for William Matheson of 3 Enaclete to swap crofts with him. John was the third croft tenant.

He died on 1 December 1877 at Enaclete, of hepatitis and peritonitis, at the age of 61.

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Iain Og
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1 Dec 1877
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CEU 79
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