3475: Farquhar Macdonald

Fearchar Aonghais

Farquhar  (1809-1890) was a son of Angus Macdonald and Margaret Macleod, Cappadale. The family moved to 3 Geshader in 1838 when Cappadale was cleared.

He served with the Hudson's Bay Company from 1832-1839  and traversed the 2,600 mile York Factory/ Columbia Express routes twice. He was a skilled sailor and therefore signed up as a 'Slooper' at York Factory. On reaching Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River he became a member of the first crew of the SS Beaver, the first ocean going paddle steamer in North America. He finished his 7 year stint with the company as the gardener at Fort Vancouver. 

Farquhar married Hannah Macleod, from Gisla and they had three children. In the 1841 Census he is married with no children.

He was widowed c1846 and in 1847 married  Henrietta Macleod from Grasivig and they had a daughter. 

Farquhar was widowed again in 1849 and in the 1851 Census is a widower with two children.

At Uig, 1854, he married Catherine Mackay from Valtos. Farquhar and Catherine had three children.


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Fearchar Aonghais Ruaidh
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