3488: Murdo Macdonald

Murchadh Fhearchair Aonghais

Murdo (c1846-1920) was son of Farquhar Macdonald and Hannah Macleod, 3 Geshader. He was a baby when his mother died and he was raised by Margaret Macdonald Bean Iain Ghraisibhig. She was said to mourn his departure on the emigrant ship more than any of her own natural children.

He was a boy sailor with the Coastguard Service of the Royal Navy and then joined the Glasgow Police Force as a teenager. When he was barely in his twenties he emigrated to New York and eventually settled in Vermont. At Ryegate County he entered the granite industry and eventually founded his own company called the Blue Mountain Granite Co. He became a wealthy and influential member of the St.Johnsbury business community and granite memorials produced by the company are all over the United States of America.

His descendants are in Vermont, Florida, Colorado and Toronto. 

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CEU 120
Royal Naval Seaman; Police Officer; Granite Industry
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