59890: John Carmichael

John Carmichael (1909-1944) was a son of Donald Carmichael and Ann Montgomery, 26 Lemreway.

He enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve, S/Ns. AX13957, BX8698 and CX7615, on May  6, 1927. His record shows that he was 5ft 9½in tall, with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion. John had two tattoos, “True Love” and “In Memory of my dear Father, Johnnie”. 

John was a fisherman on Lemreway, Banff, Fraserburgh and Stornoway fishing boats, including the Daisy, the Kebboch Head, Stella Matina and True Love from 1927-1938. Many of the crew of the fishing boat True Love had the same tattoo.

On June 30, 1939 he was discharged from the Royal Naval Reserve and admitted to County Hospital Stornoway with Tuberculosis.

John died aged 35.


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Date Of Birth:
1 Jan 1909
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CEP 5036
Fisherman, Royal Naval Reservist
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