6247: John Matheson

Iain Iain Dhòmhnaill

John (1890-1958) was a son of John Matheson and Ann Macphail, 25 Gravir.

On March 7, 1911 he enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve Service Number  A3487 and re-enrolled under LA10997. His records indicate that he was 5 ft 6¼ in tall with Hazel eyes and a dark complexion.  He had two tattoos, one of a heart "True Love" and one of a cross  "In Memory of my dear sister". John was a fisherman on Banff, Buckie and  Stornoway fishing boats from 1911-1914.

He was Mobilised on August 14, 1914 and served in the Royal Navy in the First World War. Based at HMS Vivid and HMS Europa and aboard HMS Berwick, HMS Drake and HMS Jupiter. John was injured on HMS Vivid was awarded a Disablement Pension of 11 shillings a week from August 7, 1919 until 3rd February 1920. He also was awarded £15.0.0 prize money and is mentioned in Loyal Lewis: Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

After the War John lived at 16 Battery Park, moved to 179 Langlands Road in 1920. He worked for Lamport and Holt, as a seaman and was home at the time of the 1921 Census. The following year he moved to 15 Field Drive, Partick.

In Partick, in 1922, he married Agnes Macmillan, 23 Gravir.  John and Agnes initially lived at 25 Gravir and in 1925 were living at 23 Gravir where they had three of their eight children.

The family moved to 4 Glenside, Gravir  in 1929.


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Iain Iain Bhain
Date Of Birth:
29 May 1890
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CEP 867
Fisherman; Royal Naval Reservist; Royal Navy Seaman; Merchant Navy Seaman
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