68215: Effie Morrison

Effie, born 1809, was the daughter of Peter Morrison and Catherine MacAskill of 7 Orasay. The family moved to 14 Orasay in 1827. Effie married Malcolm Munro of Berneray. They had nine children together and in 1850 obtained 3 Ruisgarry (Gearraidh na Creadha).

She was renowned as a pious lady, and had to abide by her husband’s antics, as described by the bard Malcolm MacAskill in this extract from the poem Slan Gun Till na Dh’Fhalbh, published in Orain Chaluim:

'Nuair chuala Calum mac Lachlainn
Gu robh Padruig a'tigh'nn dachaidh,
Theann e dhannsa "Mhic Iain Ghasda"
'S a bhoineid paisgte 'na dhorn.

Thug e leum as air an urlar,
"Hug horray" aige 's e tionndadh;
Chaidh a mhulad chur air chul,
'S e bocail sunndach le port-beoil.

Bha Fionnghala nighean Dhomhnaill
Is Calum a'dannsa comhla,
'S Oighrig ni' Phadruig gu stolda
Deanamh spors dh'an charaid oig.


The historian Alick Morrison, who edited the book, recounts the tale of Effie’s efforts to persuade Malcolm Morrison to stop playing the chanter. He avoided visits for some time, but, when he eventually decided to pay a call, carefully concealed the chanter in the sleeve of his jacket.

She greeted him warmly and said: “A Chaluim an do stad thu fhein dhe ‘n fheadan fhathast?”

“‘S fad o ‘n uair sin, a bhalaich,” replied Calum.

“Thig a nall agus gu faigh mi breith air laimh ort,” said Effy.

Calum stretched out his hand. The old lady grasped it firmly and shook it so vigorously that to Calum’s consternation, the chanter slipped out of his sleeve into the fire, which was in the middle of the room.


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10 Sep 1891
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