74212: Roderick Paterson

Roderick Paterson, born in 1867, was the youngest child of Norman Paterson and Catherine MacAskill of 9 Ruisgarry (Gunhill). There was an older brother with the same name who had died two years earlier, aged only a few months.

Roderick married Mary Ann Paterson in 1900, with whom he was to have three daughters. They resided in Obbe for a time, but being a customs officer, his role necessitated living in various locations around Scotland.

Roderick was the nephew of the bard Malcolm MacAskill, who was particularly fond of him and …

proud to find in him the complete embodiment of all the virtues of the ideal gentleman – generosity, good breeding, civility, affability, humour and beauty of person. At Christmas, the nephew invariably sent a parcel, and the bard invariably expressed his appreciation in the form of a poem in which he pokes much good natured fun at himself and his neighbours.

Mo bheannachd ort fein a Ruairidh

Cha bu doirbh rud fhaotainn uatsa;

S e do choireadas is t-uaisle

Choisneas buaidh dhuit ri do mhaireann.

More of the correspondence from Malcolm to his nephew can be found in the book Orain Chaluim, from which the above extract is taken.

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21 Jun 1867
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CEBH 920
Customs Officer
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