92049: Jessie Campbell

Jessie (born 1821) was the daughter of Murdo Campbell and Catherine Macdonald of Old South Tolsta Tack. In 1830, during the croft lottings, the family obtained 4 Old South Tolsta. In 1842 the family moved to 9 Old South Tolsta. In 1851, during the croft relottings, the family obtained 24 North Tolsta. It is not certain if Jessie was still living in the family home at this point.

Jessie married Donald Mackenzie, of 13 Tong, and the couple settled at 13 Tong. They then swapped crofts and lived briefly at 12 Tong.

In 1853, Jessie’s entire family, except for her youngest brother Angus and half brother Allan, emigrated to Canada.

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