92066: Angus Smith

Angus (1841-1929) was the son of John Smith and Catherine Macdonald, of 4 Old North Tolsta.

Angus was 12 years old, when the family moved to 24 North Tolsta, in 1853.

Angus married Isabella Campbell, of 47 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 47 North Tolsta.The couple had their first child in 1874 but he died in infancy the following year. In total Angus and Isabella had four children: two boys and two girls. In due course the croft passed to Angus from his mother-in-law: Lily Maciver.

In 1886 their youngest daughter died in infancy.

Angus was widowed in 1887.

Angus later married Mary Mackenzie, of 62 Back, the couple had no children.

In 1902 his youngest son died in his early teens.

In due course 47 North Tolsta passed to Angus’s eldest daughter Jessie.

On Wednesday the 16th of March 1921 the roof was blown off the house during hurricane force winds.

Angus was widowed for a second time in 1926.


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