92624: John Maclennan

John (1831-1904) was the son of John Maclennan and Jane Morrison, of 9a Old Lemreway.

In 1843, when Lemreway was cleared, many of the occupants were sent to Glen Tolsta. John’s family obtained 4 Glen Tolsta.

Around 1848 John’s father died.

John married Isabella Murray, of 35 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 35 North Tolsta; their first child was born in 1856. At some point 35 North Tolsta passed to John from Isabella’s parents. The couple had nine children: three boys and six girls.

John’s mother obtained 49 North Tolsta, in 1856, so it is not clear if he ever lived at 49 North Tolsta.

Between 1862 and 1865 four of the couple’s children died in infancy.

In 1874 the couple’s youngest daughter died in early childhood. The couple had another child that same year, of the same name.

In 1887 the couple’s youngest son, Donald, died aged 20.

In due course 35 North Tolsta passed to their eldest son: Angus.

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