92844: Alexander Maclennan

Alexander (1823-1902) was the son of John Maclennan and Jane Morrison of 9a Old Lemreway.

In 1843, after Lemreway was cleared, the family were relocated to 4 Glen Tolsta.

Alexander married Effie Campbell, of 40 North Tolsta, and the couple settled, with his mother-in-law, on a cottars lot, which would eventually become 60 North Tolsta, and had their first two children.

In 1856 Alexander’s mother obtained 49 North Tolsta, but the family remained on their cottars lot.

In 1857 several cottars lots in Tolsta were officially lotted as crofts; Alexander officially obtained 60 North Tolsta. The couple went on to have a further five children there. His mother-in-law remained on the croft as a cottar.

Alexander’s sisters, Camilla and Jessie, became cottars at 60 North Tolsta as did his daughter, Isabella, but in due course 60 North Tolsta passed to his son, John.

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Alasdair Maclennan
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CET 2116
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