92990: Evander Maciver

Evander (1878-1962) was the son of Murdo Maciver and Christina Gunn, of 43 North Tolsta.

Evander was known as “Forty” due to his regimental badge number in the Seaforth Militia being 3040. During his time in the Militia he served at the garrison in Cairo and fought in the Boer War.

Evander married Margaret Macdonald, of 67a North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 43 North Tolsta, which passed to Evander in due course, they had nine children: six girls and three  boys.

Evander ran buses to Stornoway; he worked in partnership with George Murray, of 45 North Tolsta, for a while, but then the pair ran separate businesses. Evander incorporated a courier side in his business as he collected and delivered all kinds of items: groceries, needles, livestock and even a coffin.

On one occasion he was asked to register the birth of a child, Rachel. In 1940 the child was called up for the services under the name Richard.

It is not clear who 43 North Tolsta passed after the couple died, but the croft was then sublet to Murdo Maciver.

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