93021: Murdo Maciver

Murdo (1903-1971) was the son of Angus Maciver and Annie Maciver; the family were cottars at 43a North Tolsta.

Murdo married Annabella Murray, of 49 North Tolsta, and the couple settled at 43a North Tolsta, which passed to Murdo in due course, they had three children: a girl and two boys.

After the death of Evander Maciver, in 1962, Murdo became the long term sub-tenant for the croft at 43 North Tolsta. He eventually passed this sub-let on to his youngest son.

In due course their youngest son obtained 42 North Tolsta and the house on that croft was demolished; in 1984 he obtained crofter status on the family’s long term sub-let of 43 North Tolsta and demolished the crofthouse on that croft, continuing to live in the other house on that croft.

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