93219: Angus Murray

Angus (1861-1929) was the son of Allan Murray and Annabella Mackenzie; the address at the time of his birth is not known. His paternal grandparents lived at 7 North Tolsta and his maternal grandparents at 39 North Tolsta, so it is possible the family lived at one of these addresses.

In 1863 the family obtained 49 North Tolsta.

In 1882 Angus had a son with Margaret Mackay, of 50 North Tolsta and registered the child with his surname; He then left, on the 14th January 1882, to serve with the Seaforth Highlanders in Fort George.

On 28th February 1883, after a year of training, he sailed to India with the regiment.

He later served in Afghanistan where he took part in the Hazara Campaign, in 1888, and was awarded the India General Service Medal with Hazara Clasp.

Angus went on to serve on garrison duty in Rawalpindi, Ferozepore and various other locations in Gibraltar. 

While abroad he met and married Elizabeth Henderson; Elizabeth was a widow. Elizabeth had had two children from her first marriage. The couple went on to have four children together: two girls and two boys. Their first child was born in 1890 and their last in 1896; all of these children were born in India  and all were to eventually settle in Canada. In 1890 Angus’s step daughter Elizabeth died. 

Angus was widowed in 1897; Accounts of Elizabeth’s death vary; one account says she died while the family were on their way to Lewis from India, while another states that she died, in childbirth, while Angus was serving on garrison duty in Gibraltar. It is possible these accounts reference the same events, but with emphasis on different aspects.

Angus was discharged, at Dover, on the 28th of February 1898 after 16 years and 46 days in service to the Crown; 14 years and 19 days of which were spent abroad. There is a traditional story in Lewis that Angus Murray’s belt was left in Fort George and that no solider since has been big enough to fill it. Details of his 16 years in the army are in an article “An Saighdear Mor” in Seanchas Winter 2001.

Angus’s children lived with relatives in Tolsta until he remarried.

Angus re-enlisted in Militia Reserves Seaforth Highlanders in 1903. His address at the time was given as 49 North Tolsta. His service number was 3106. He was discharged in Perth on the 22nd of January 1907.

Angus’s second marriage was to Joan Macleod of 24 Sheshader. The couple settled as cottars at 49 North Tolsta. They had five children together: two boys and three girls. Their first child was born in 1905 and their last in 1913.

Sometime before 1915 the family moved to 52 Keith Street, Stornoway.

In 1915 both of Angus’s sons with his first wife, Elizabeth, died, two weeks apart, during the Second Battle of Ypres.

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An Saighdear Mór – The Big Solider
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CET 2495
Private (Seaforth Highlanders)
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