16128: Roll of Honour: Bernera School District, 1914 and after

Royal Naval Reserve

Macarthur, Malcolm 1 Kirkibost (Survivor of “Hermes” disaster, 31st October 1914; never properly recovered from effects of immersion; discharged on medical grounds)

Macaulay, Donald 17 Kirkibost

Macaulay, Donald 4 Hacklete

Macaulay, Donald Z 12 Kirkibost (Patrol boat on which he was serving was blown up off Scarborough, December 1914 (after German raid); sustained injuries; provisionally discharged)

Macaulay, John 2 Kirkibost

Macaulay, Kenneth 12 Kirkibost (Interned in Holland)

Macdonald, Alex 1 Tobson

Macdonald, Angus 7 Kirkibost

Macdonald, Angus 13 Tobson (Interned in Holland)

Macdonald, Angus 16 Tobson

Macdonald, Angus 2/16 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald 4 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald 7 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald 10 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald (Sen) 13 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald (Jun) 13 Tobson

Macdonald, Donald 16 Tobson (Interned in Holland)

Macdonald, Donald (Sen) 15 Kirkibost

Macdonald, Donald (Jun) 15 Kirkibost

Macdonald, Donald 25 Kirkibost

Macdonald, Finlay 2 Breaclete

Macdonald, James 16 Tobson

Macdoanld, John 13 Breaclete (Interned in Holland)

Macdonald, John 9 Kirkibost

Macdonald, John 11 Kirkibost

Macdonald, John (Sen) 7 Tobson

Macdonald, John (Jun) 7 Tobson

Macdonald, John 23 Tobson

Macdonald, John 24 Tobson (Prisoner in Germany)

Macdonald, John 25 Tobson

Macdonald, John 20 Hacklete

Macdonald, Kenneth 24 Tobson (Was with Donald Z Macaulay(see above) in Patrol when blown-up; after short time in hospital, returned to duty)

Macdonald, Kenneth 24b Tobson

Macdonald, Malcolm 17 Tobson

Macdonald, Malcolm 24 Tobson (Seaman Gunner)

Macdonald, Malcolm 7 Hacklete

Macdonald, Norman 5 Breaclete

Macdonald, Norman 11 Kirkibost

Macdonald, Norman 24 Kirkibost (Serving on H.M.S.”Orama” was presented by Highlanders of Sydney, N.S.W., with silver watch, in appreciation of services as precentor at Gaelic meetings held in Sydney while “Orama” was in that port)

Macdonald, Norman 3 Tobson

Macdonald, Norman 7 Tobson

Macdonald, Norman 13 Tobson

Macdonald, Norman 24 Tobson

Macdonald, Norman 7 Hacklete

Macdonald, Norman 15 Hacklete (Interned in Holland)

Macinnes, Angus 20 Kirkibost (Prisoner in Germany)

Macinnes, Donald 20 Kirkibost (Prisoner in Germany)

Macinnes, Duncan 20 Kirkibost

Macinnes, Norman 1 Breaclete (Perished in “Hermes” disaster, 31st October 1914)

Maciver, Angus 7 Breaclete (Interned in Holland)

Maciver, Angus 21 Kirkibost

Maciver, Angus 1 Tobson

Maciver, Donald 3 Breaclete (Serving on H.M.S.”Orama” like Norman Macdonald (see above), was presented with silver watch in Sydney, N.S.W.)

Maciver, Malcolm 11 Hacklete

Mackenzie, Angus 6 Tobson

Mackenzie, Donald 12 Hacklete

Mackenzie, John 8 Breaclete

Mackenzie, John 5 Hacklete

Mackenzie, Norman 8 Tobson

Mackenzie, Norman 6 Tobson

Maclennan, Donald 3 Kirkibost

Maclennan, John 3 Kirkibost

Maclennan, Murdo 8 Kirkibost

Maclennan, Norman 5 Kirkibost (Interned in Holland)

Maclennan, Norman 10 Kirkibost

Macleod, Angus 6 Breaclete

Morrison, John 19 Kirkibost

Smith, Norman 18 Kirkibost




Seaforth Highlanders

Macarthur, Don., Lce.-Cpl 1 Kirkibost

Macaulay, John, Pte 4 Hacklete (Killed in action, 25th April, 1915)

Macaulay, Neil, Lce.-Cpl 4 Hacklete (Wounded)

Macdonald, Angus, Pte 13 Breaclete

Macdonald, Donald, Pte 5 Breaclete (Wounded)

Macdonald, Donald, Pte 24b Tobson (Wounded; severely; discharged)

Macdonald, George, Pte 5 Breaclete (Gas poisoned)

Macdonald, Malcolm, Pte 11 Kirkibost (Killed in action on 1st March, 1915)

Macdonald, Malcolm, Pte 25 Tobson (Missing since 25th April, 1915; known as “Murdo”)

Macdonald, Murdo, Pte 20 Hacklete

Macdonald, Nor. A., Pte 6 Hacklete

Maciver, Alex., Pte 21 Kirkibost

Maciver, John, Pte. 21 Kirkibost (Wounded)

Maciver, John, Lce. Cpl. 4 Breaclete

Maciver, Peter, Pte. 7 Breaclete

Mackenzie, John, Pte 8 Breaclete



Cameron Highlanders

Macaulay, Hector, Pte 12 Kirkibost (Wounded)

Macdonald, John, Pte 24 Kirkibost



Ross Mountain Battery

Macdonald, Angus 25 Tobson (Wounded)

Macleod, Peter J. 6 Breaclete




Macdonald, Kenneth 24 Tobson (Canadian Infantry; wounded in action, 15th June, 1915; died 16th June 1915)

Maclennan, Alex 8 Kirkibost (Australian Infantry)

Maclennan, John 8 Kirkibost (Canadian Infantry; killed in action, 15th June, 1915)

Macleod, Malcolm, Sgt., 11 Breaclete (Australian Light Horse; Machine Gun Section)



Other Units

Macdonald, Angus, Pte 13 Tobson (Scottish Rifles)

Macdonald, John, Pte. 11 Kirkibost (Highland Light Infantry)

Macdonald, Murdo, Pte. 16 Tobson (Scottish Rifles; wounded; severely; second time)

Mackenzie, Malcolm, Pte. 6 Tobson(R.A.M.C.)

Macleod, Neil M., Sgt-Major Croir [National Reserve (Recruiting centre, Glasgow)]

Macleod, D. F., Rifleman Croir [5th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)]

Macleod, Jas. R.W., Lce.-Cpl. Croir [9th H.L.I.(Glasgow Highlanders)]


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