9284: A Minister elected for the Western Isles

Rev Donald MacCallum, translated to the Established Church in Keose

A correspondent writes: – On Wednesday 24th ult., the Rev Donald MacCallum ot Tiree, late of Waternish, the "High Priest of Crofterdom," was unanimously elected and appointed minister of the parish of Lochs. This, despite the opposition of all the ministers, elders, deacons, hooded-ones, factors, gamekeepers, and ghillies of the interesting kingdom of rack-rent. No cant or Piggotism about him; a Radical in all points; the gates of Unionism will not prevail against Ross-shire. Donald Macrae, of Balallan, held the citadel for democracy for three years, and resigned. Donald MacCallum now takes on the reign of government, and will carry out the good work of reform to a successful issue.

Extract from The Highland News, 2 May 1889

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