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March between North Uist and Harris

March between North Uist and Harris

The boundary between North Uist and Harris was fixed during a legal case that took place in the 18th century. 

As outlined in The Grianam Case, it follows the following route:

"The march enters from the waters of the Minch into the Sound of Harris through the channel between Hermatray and the lesser island of Groatay. It proceeds by the Caolas Mòr between the high island of Haay [Tahay] and the dwarfish island of Trolloman on the Uist side. It then makes a beeline for the rocks of Rangas passing straight between them. Veering perceptibly to North Uist, it passes the points of Ard Tharmaid and the Black Point of Fidday where the MacLeods of Berneray used to have peat rights from MacDonald of Sleat. It proceeds through the Sound dividing Grianam Mòr from Grianam Beag, which is a mere rock near the Uist coast. Its further course lies between the point of Oddernish in North Uist and the low heath-covered island of Torogay which belonged to Harris. Thus it passes down the Kyle, so charmingly described by the inhabitants on either side of it as Caolas Bheàrnaraigh or Caolas Uibhist, and continuing on its course past the lovely area of Shiabay it enters the broad waters of the Atlantic Ocean between the historic island of Boreray and Rubh Bhoisinis in Berneray." 



Title: March between North Uist and Harris
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