39491: Kershader School, Pairc

The first school in Kershader is believed to have been built on croft 3 or 4, and was run by a Mr Macfarlane. Subsequently a Gaelic school was established by the Church on croft 6.

This was replaced in 1881 as a result of the Education Act of 1872, which led to the building of five new schools in Pairc. The new school also accommodated pupils from Habost, Garyvard and Caversta and was designed to accommodate the population of 73; by 1907 the role was 107.

Known teachers were:

  • Murdo Macleod until 1883; he went on to Lemreway School, died 1896
  • Norman Macleod in 1891 (born Barvas 1862); the sewing mistress was Eliza Murray (also born Barvas, 1861)
  • John Smith, 16 Balallan, 1895-1903
  • Donald Matheson, 26 Gravir, 1930s
  • Mr Maclemman who belonged to Avoch followed Mr Matheson
  • Roderick Morrison, assisted by Alexina Mackinnon, 1 Garyvard, 1940s
  • Donald Mackenzie, Bayble, assisted by Cathleen Macrae; he went on to Lionel
  • Cathleen Macrae nee Macleod, Achmore and 5 Habost, 1950s
  • Greta Morrison, 1970s

The school burned down in 1936; a note in the last and, as far as we know, only surviving school register (1936-1973) reads:

All documents & nearly all educational equipment was destroyed on the 18th August 1936 by a fire which broke out at about 8pm on that date.

D. Matheson


The school had re-opened by January 1937, and finally closed in 1973 when all pupils were transferred to the new Pairc School at Gravir. Kershader School is now the Ravenspoint Centre, home to the Angus Macleod Archive, as well as a shop, tearoom and offices.

One former pupil reports that the "smoking section" was out behind the water-tank and the boys had developed a clever way of keeping a light smouldering on a string dipped into the tank, for lighting up at the next break.

See also the school photographs.

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