103912: 37 North Tolsta

37 North Tolsta was a newly lotted croft in 1851. The first occupants were John Murray, his second wife, Mary Mackenzie and children Mary, Annie, Norman and Malcolm. Prior to the relottings the family’s address had been 6 Old South Tolsta. The couple had a son, Alexander, the year of the relottings. In 1853 the family emigrated to the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and once there the couple had a further five children.

37 North Tolsta passed to Donald Macdonald, Isabella Maciver and their children: Donald, Christina, Annie, Catherine, Donald, Margaret and John. The family had been living at 6 Old North Tolsta prior to the move, but Old North Tolsta was in the process of being cleared to make Tolsta Farm at this time. The couple had their last child, Murdo, in 1853. Their two sons Donald and Donald became cottars at 37 North Tolsta. In 1873, two years after Isabella was widowed, she and all of her children, except Catherine and Murdo, emigrated to Lake Megantic, Canada.

37 North Tolsta passed to Kenneth Murray. Kenneth married widow Ann Nicolson and the couple had three children: Christina, Angus and Angus. Kenneth was widowed in 1889, but married again; his second wife was Christina Maciver and they had three children: Anne, Donald and Isabella. In due course 37 North Tolsta passed to their son Donald.

Donald Murray married Margaret Macleod and the couple had seven children: Kenneth, John Angus, John, Angus, Donald, Christina and Murdo. In due course 37 North Tolsta passed to their son Donald. Their daughter Christina settled on a feued off section of 37 North Tolsta, in a house known as Tulloch Ard.

Donald Murray never married and passed 37 North Tolsta to his sister Christina’s son.


Donald Macdonald married Catherine Macleod and the couple settled as cottars on his parents croft. The couple had their first four children: John, Donald, Kenneth and Murdo before emigrating with Donald’s mother to Lake Megantic, Canada. Once in Canada they had a further two children.

Donald Macdonald married Isabella Murray and the couple settled as cottars on his parents croft. They emigrated to Lake Megantic in Canada with Donald’s mother in 1873, all of the couple’s nine children were born in Canada.

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