56908: 39 North Tolsta

39 North Tolsta was a newly lotted croft in 1851, the first tenants were Murdo Mackenzie, Isabella Macleod and their youngest children: Christina, Annabella, Flora and Henrietta. The family had previous tenanted 28 Old South Tolsta. In due course 39 North Tolsta passed to their son-in-law Murdo Murray.

Murdo Murray was married to Henrietta Mackenzie, and the couple had five children: John, Isabella, Norma, Donald and Gormelia. In 1875, the family emigrated to the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Murdo was widowed in the same year. Once in Quebec he remarried and had a further seven children.

39 North Tolsta passed to John Graham, Mary Morrison and their children: Angus, Isabella, Mary, Catherine and Donald. It is not clear where the family had been living prior to this. The couple went on to have a further three children: Margaret, John and Ann.
Their son Angus became a cottar at 39 North Tolsta, but 39 North Tolsta eventually passed to their son Donald.

Donald Graham married Mary Young and the couple had nine children: Isabel, John, Johanna, Duncan, John, Alexander, Donald, Angus and Donald. The Stornoway Gazette of 10th May 1923 reported the following misfortune which occurred during this family’s residence:
On 20th April 
[1923], the house of Mr. Donald Graham, 39 North Tolsta, was almost completely destroyed by fire. While the family were engaged down on the croft, a young boy, who had been left at home, went upstairs with a naked light, to search for something and it seems some corn on the loft got ignited. Several people working on their crofts noticed smoke belching from the two chimneys and from the skylights. Within a few minutes, scores of men were on the spot. The damage to the building and furniture was extensive. Most of the things upstairs were destroyed. It is to be hoped that friends will give some assistance to Mr. Graham to repair his house and to get some of the articles destroyed by fire replaced. Mr. Graham is very much indebted to the large number of men who worked so strenuously to extinguish the flames.

Alexander Graham married Catherine Campbell and the couple had three children: two girls and a son: Donald John. In due course 39 North Tolsta passed to Donald John.

Donald John Graham married a woman from Tolsta and had two sons.

The crofthouse was feued off from the croft and sold at some point.

Angus Graham married Catherine Mackay and the couple had five children: Murdo, John, Gormelia, Marion and Isabella. The family moved to 44 Gress. Angus was widowed, in 1903, but went on to remarry.


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