2233: Crossbost, Lewis

Crossbost was formed as a village in 1843 when parts of the Pairc area of South Lochs (Orinsay and Lemreway) were cleared and the inhabitants resettled in North Lochs. Before that it was a tack or small farm. Evidence of extensive walls and the remains of an old dwelling can be seen on the common grazing at the eastern end of the township. Those evicted from Pairc who settled in Crossbost had a very difficult time, some spending their first winter in Crossbost under upturned boats.

There are also the remains of Dun Feiltinish in the same area. Little remains of the dun, its stone having been re-used, first for a taigh salainn (fish-curing station) in the 19th century and then for a pier in the 20th.

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