28426: Finlay Macinnes

Fionnlagh Somhairle Fhionnlaidh

Finlay Macinnes (1904-1997) was a son of Samuel Macinnes and Christina Macarthur,  1 Kershader.

He attended Gravir School for a time and lived with his grandmother, Christina Macmillan at 8 Gravir.

On May 17, 1924 he emigrated to Canada on the SS Canada from Stornoway to Quebec and in 1938 emigrated to the United States of America. On His Naturalisation Declaration he was described at 5ft 9in tall with a medium complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes and weighed 180llbs. In the 1940 USA Census he was living at the Blackstone Hotel, Detroit and working in a Car Factory.

He returned to Lewis and on August 13, 1948 sailed as a passenger on the SS Brittanic from Liverpool to New York.  Finlay made another trip from Southampton to New York on the SS Queen Mary on August 13, 1948 and another on March 29 1956 from Southampton to New York on the SS Queen Elizabeth.

Finlay  married Dolina Macleod, 45 Lower Barvas. Finlay and Dolina emigrated to the United States of America and later returned to Lewis.

Finlay was widowed in 1996.

Record Type:
Date Of Birth:
25 Jun 1904
Date of Death:
15 Mar 1997
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEP 2773
Labourer; Farm Worker; Rigger; Seaman; Millwright in a Car Factory
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