4381: James Macmillan

Seumas Iain Sheumais

James (1894-1968) was a son of John Macmillan and Marion Macleod,  20 Gravir.

On December 17, 1913 he enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve Service Number A5382 and re-enrolled under C4963. His records indicate that he was 5 ft 6½ in tall with blue eyes and fresh complexion and a scar on his brow. James was a fisherman on Stornoway registered fishing boats and was Mobilised on August 14, 1914. He served in the Royal Navy in the First World War based at HMS Pembroke and aboard HMS Zaria and HMS Dreel Castle.  He received £10.10/- in Prize Money and is mentioned in Loyal Lewis: Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

After the War James returned to fishing on Wick and Stornoway registered fishing boats including the Tulip.

In Lochs, in 1941, he married Christina Ann Matheson, 27 Gravir. James and Christina Ann settled at 20 Gravir and they had three children.

James was widowed in 1950.

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Seumas an Sheumais
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CEP 746
Fisherman; Royal Naval Reservist; Royal Naval Seaman
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