8464: Neil Maclean

Niall Dhòmhnaill Neill

Neil  (1836-1905) was a son of Donald Maclean and Mary Mackay, 7 Old Lemreway.

The village was cleared In 1843 and the family were removed to 16 Old Gravir. In the 1852 lotting the family obtained 33 Gravir.

In Lochs, in 1865, he married Isabella Nicolson, 32 Gravir. Neil and Isabella settled at 33 Gravir and they had five children.

In 1874 Neil was widowed and after two years he married Catherine Macmillan, 3 Gravir.  Neil and Catherine had two daughters, only one of whom survived. He was widowed again in 1881.

In 1884 Neil married his third wife Margaret Macritchie, 9 Gravir and they had five children.

Neil was a prominent Land Leaguer, although "warned by his minister of the soul-destroying tendencies of the principles promulgated by land reformers."


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Also Known As:
Niall na h- Airidh Dhruisich
Date Of Birth:
7 Dec 1836
Date of Death:
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CEP 600
Crofter, Fisherman
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