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Murdoch Macphail

Murdoch Macphail

Murdoch (1862-1937) was a son of Donald Macphail and Christina Nicolson, 19 Gravir. 

In Lochs, in 1892, he married Catherine Mackay, 28 Gravir. Murdoch and Catherine settled in the Old Salt House, Gravir and they had six children.

A portion of land was allocated to villagers, and on the portion of land designated for 19 Gravir (at Allt na Scorrain) a new house for Murdoch was built in 1936.

His son Donald wrote warmly of him:

I know of no happier man in this world than my father. He was never well off and struggled endlessly to provide a healthy and a happy home for his family of seven. Despite the many set-backs he had received, he was never downcast or in despair, but by his patience, faith and belief he strove ever harder to preserve their well-being with that quiet, dignified and determined sense of purpose that never gave way to the forces set against him. And so, on that ever-remembered Monday morning [just demobbed, in 1919], I waited on Stornoway Pier for the greatest pal I ever had - my dear old father and his boat the "Annie". I wondered what he looked like now, this pal of mine. He had lost my mother, my sister Peggy and my brother Donald and he had seen them all die. Another son, John, had been killed during the War.

Before long, a little vessel came beating round the headland and you can understand my feelings when I saw him standing as erect as a solider in the bow of the boat as she came into the quay. Passers-by may have wondered why a youthful sailor's face was streaming with tears as he sat looking at a fishing boat coming alongside the pier on that glorious April day. There were tears in his eyes too as he snatched at my hand and pulled me aboard, but the gentle, paternal smile was not far away or the comforting words of welcome that assured me that his courage and faith were still intact. Aboard the "Annie", the years of turmoil vanished in an instant...


Title: Murdoch Macphail
Record Type: People
Also Known As: Dunaidh; Dunny
Date of Birth: 06-04-1862
Date of Death: 1937
Date of Marriage: 1892
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 677
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 3805