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Roderick Mackinnon

Roderick Mackinnon

Roderick Mackinnon (1909-1999) was a son of Roderick Mackinnon and Catherine Macleod, Caverstay. The family moved to Glen House, Caverstay Common due to overcrowding on the Croft. 

He enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve, S/Ns AX14933, BX9339 and CX8112, on August 2, 1929. His records indicatate that he was 5ft 7½ in tall with light brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion. Roderick was a fisherman on the Try Again and was Mobilised on August 25, 1939.

Roderick served as a Leading Seaman in the Second World War and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for courage, leadership and skill shown in manning his station after an enemy attack. Based at HMS Boscawen, HMS Victory I, HMS Excellent, and aboard HMS Comorin and HMS Ilfracombe.

In 1940 he married Isabella Montgomery, 2 Garyvard. Roderick and Isabella settled at 2 Garyvard and they had three children.


Title: Roderick Mackinnon
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Ruaraidh Ruairidh Ruairidh
Also Known As: Ruaraidh Rob
Date of Birth: 11-12-1908
Date of Death: 23-01-1999
Date of Marriage: 1940
Occupation: Fisherman, Royal Naval Reservist, Royal Navy
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 4011
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 50937