103924: 49 North Tolsta

49 North Tolsta was a new croft in 1857. The first occupants were, widow, Jane Morrison and at least three of her nine children: Christina, Jessie and Mary. The family had previously been living in Lemreway and at 4 Glen Tolsta. Her daughter Christina became a cottar at 49 North Tolsta. In 1863 Jane lost the croft and settled at 60 North Tolsta with her son Alexander.

49 North Tolsta passed to Allan Murray and Annabella Mackenzie; the couple had two sons, John and Angus, when they moved in. It is not known where the family were living prior to this. The couple went on to have a further five children: Kenneth, Isabella, Norman, Gormelia and Murdo. The couple’s son Norman settled on a feued off section of 49 North Tolsta known as 49a North Tolsta. Their son Angus joined the Army and spent 15 years abroad. When he returned, in 1897, he was widowed with at least four young children: Annabella, Thomas, Cora and Allan. The children were taken care of by relatives until he married Joan Macleod and the family settled in the crofthouse at 49 North Tolsta before moving to 52 Keith Street Stornoway; they had five children, but it is not clear where they were born. In due course 49 North Tolsta passed to Allan and Annabella’s youngest son Murdo.

Murdo Murray married Margaret Macdonald and the couple had three children; Murdo, Annabella and Allan. In due course 49 North Tolsta passed to their eldest son: Murdo.

Murdo Murray married Mary Macleod and the couple had five children: three boys and two girls.

Malcolm Macdonald and Christina Maclennan settled as cottars at 49 North Tolsta and had at least two of their 12 children there; these children were named John and Angus. In 1963 Christina’s mother lost 49 North Tolsta and the couple moved to 5 Skigersta; a third child Murdo was born the year of the move.


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