3096: 1 Enaclete

The croft at 1 Enaclete is located on the shore of Little Loch Roag, with a fine small landing stage below it.

Oral tradition relates:

The coopers ‘cubairean‘ were Macleans and there was a family of them on the north end of Einicleit at No 1. They left there and went out to ‘a Luib’ (the bend) as it was known to the locals – that’s No 6. But they kept two parts of the croft in at No 1, a piece behind the hill (cul a chnuic) and Gleann na h-Athadh (valley with the kilns), where there is a willow patch up until the present day. There were coopers (cubairean), joiners (saoir gheala), boatbuilders (saoir eathraichean) merchants (ceannaichean) and tradesmen (luchd cheard) of all kinds amongst the Macleans.

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Croft or Residence
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