67360: 6 Ruisgarry (Beasdaire)

6 Ruisgarry was created in the 1850 relotting of Ruisgarry by the Harris Estate. It lies within the area Beasdaire, a name which is believed to derive from Old Norse, either bolstadhar or bolstaor meaning a place where cattle are housed or homestead. It was allotted to John MacAskill and passed on his death to his son Lachlan. In 1900 Lachlan moved to Borve, and the croft passed to Peter MacAskill, who already held part of croft 7 Ruisgarry.

From 1900, therefore, ‘6 Ruisgarry’ refers to the combined crofts 6 and 7/1 Ruisgarry.

The enlarged croft 6 passed on Peter’s death to his son Roderick MacAskill. He passed it to nephew John MacKenzie


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Croft or Residence
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