67362: 7 Ruisgarry (Lag a’ Chealla)

7 Ruisgarry was created in the relotting of Ruisgarry, the northern part of Berneray, by the Harris Estate in 1850.

The name Lag a’ Chealla means ‘hollow of the church or cell’. Initially allotted to John MacAskill, it was later passed to his widow, and on her death in 1887 the croft was divided into thirds and split between three of John’s children.

7/1 was passed to Peter MacAskill, who later obtained 6 Ruisgarry (Beasdaire), and combined it with that croft.

7/2 was passed to Duncan MacAskill, who was subsequently passed 7/3 from his sister Catherine. Therefore, from that stage, 7 Ruisgarry refers only to the combined thirds 7/2 and 7/3.

On Duncan’s death 7 Ruisgarry was passed to his second wife Mary, then to her niece Mary Ann MacIsaac. From Mary Ann it passed to Norman MacAskill, then Angus MacAskill.


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Croft or Residence
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