1825: Angus Macinnes

Aonghas Fionnlagh Iain

Angus (1883-1958) was a son of Finlay Macinnes and Christina Macmillan, 8 Gravir.

On January 1, 1905 he enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve, Service Number X11501 and re-enrolled under QA7984, B2892, D2856 and E226. His records indicate that he was 5 ft 5 in tall with dark hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion. Angus was a fisherman on Buckie, Banff and Stornoway  registered fishing boats including two years fishing in Canada. He was Mobilised on August 5, 1914 and served as a Leading Seaman in the Royal Navy in the First World War. Angus was based at HMS Pembroke, HMS President and aboard HMS Orama. He received £21.5/- in Prize Money and is mentioned in Loyal Lewis: Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

In Stornoway, in 1918, he married Marion Macritchie, 9 Gravir. Angus and Marion settled at 8 Gravir and they had seven children.

In 1921 Angus worked  for Neil Macdonald Maclean, 33 Gravir on his fishing boat.  Later he worked on the Willing Brothers and the Roselea which was owned by Angus and his brother, Murdo.

Angus obtained 34 Gravir and it not known if the family lived there. He passed it to his bachelor son, Kenneth.

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Aonghas Fhionnlaigh Iain Ruaidh
Date Of Birth:
7 Jul 1883
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CEP 209
Fisherman; Royal Naval Reservist; Royal Naval Seaman
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