39897: Isabella Macmillan

Iseabail Mhurchaidh Mhurchaidh

Isabella (1917-2009) was a daughter of Murdo Macmillan and Mary Mackinnon, 4 Lemreway.

The family moved to 11 Orinsay in 1921 when the village was land raided.

In Govan, in 1942, she married Murdo Kennedy, 10 Orinsay. Isabella and Murdo initially lived in Govan where they had their first son. The couple settled at 10 Orinsay and they had two more sons.

Isabella was widowed in 1954 and later moved to 1 Carn Aonghais.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Iseabail a’ Bhuitealair; Bonnie; Ishbel
Date Of Birth:
1 Apr 1917
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEP 3393
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