42098: Murdo Macmillan

Murdo Macmillan (1878-1945) was a son of Murdo Macmillan and Catherine Nicolson, 4 Lemreway.

In Lochs, in 1908, he married Mary Mackinnon, 3 Caverstay. Murdo and Mary settled at 4 Lemreway where they had seven children.

Murdo was the first tenant of 11 Orinsay when the village was relotted in 1922.

He was drowned in 1945 when the first boat was lost from the village.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
Am Buitealair
Date Of Birth:
24 Mar 1878
Date of Death:
13 Feb 1945
Brothers Keeper Reference:
CEP 3242
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