103891: 24 North Tolsta

24 North Tolsta was a newly lotted croft in 1851. The first occupants were Murdo Campbell and his second wife: Catherine Macdonald. It is not known how many of their children lived with them at 24 North Tolsta: as they were adults by the time the couple moved there. However as the couple and all of Murdo’s children except Angus and Allan emigrated to Canada in 1853, it is possible at least some of them were living as cottars on their parents croft until then.

24 North Tolsta passed to John Smith and Catherine Macdonald. At the time they settled at 24 North Tolsta, the couple had several adult children and two under 13 years old. Two of their children, Anne and Alexander, became cottars at 24 North Tolsta. In due course 24 North Tolsta passed to their youngest son John.

John Smith married Elizabeth Macleod and the couple had thirteen children together. In due course 24 North Tolsta passed to their son-in-law John Macleod.

John Macleod married Mary Smith and the couple had two children. The family moved to Stornoway. 24 North Tolsta passed to cousin Donald Smith, of 24b North Tolsta.

Donald Smith married Catherine Morrison and the couple had five children. During this time the croft house at 24 North Tolsta was named Sandy Bay. Around 1985 the croft passed to their daughter Janet who built a new house on it named Schiehallion. After Donald Smith’s death the original crofthouse, Sandy Bay, was feued off and sold to a man from Stornoway.

Since then the former crofthouse has changed hands several times and been renamed Cosyden and Rooter Tooter.

The present crofthouse: Schiehallion passed to Janet’s second husband after her death.

Anne Smith and Norman Murray were cottars at 24 North Tolsta, they had one child together. Anne married again, to widower Donald Maciver, of 32 North Tolsta. Anne settled with him there and they had six children together. Their first child was born in 1858. It looks likely that the cottar’s house at 24 North Tolsta then passed on to Anne’s brother Alexander.

Alexander Smith and Mary Maciver had ten children together, the first of which was born in 1860. In due course the cottars house passed to their son Murdo.

Murdo Smith married twice, first to Jessie Graham, with whom he had two children and second to Jessie Maciver, with whom he had four children.  During Murdo’s ownership the cottar’s house was renamed 24b North Tolsta and was passed on to his youngest son Angus under that name. Murdo’s eldest son Donald inherited 24 North Tolsta from his cousin Mary (see above).

Angus Smith married a woman from Tolsta and they had three children together.

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