11135: 3 Caverstay

3 Cabhairstaidh

The first tenant of 3 Caverstay was Louis Mackinnon (1827-1902) Louis Dhòmhnaill Louis  who had come from Harris to work at Crobeg. The croft was worked by Louis's sons, Donald Mor, William and Farquhar. In the early 1920s, when Pairc was so overcrowded and land was scarce, Farquhar emigrated to Australia with his eleven children. The croft passed to his brother, William but he had no children and, ironically, the croft fell vacant, before being taken over by Duncan Mackay  (1867-1943) Donnchadh Iain Dhonnchaidh  of 3 Habost.

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Croft or Residence
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